CrossFit Testimonials

  • So my perception of Crossfit prior to starting was that it appeared to be Cult-like in addition to a very intimidating form of fitness. It never crossed my mind that it was something I could do. I was going through some major personal struggles and wanted to put myself in a situation where I could meet new people and make new friends. I also wanted to give it a try because Crossfit is so important to my husband. But It wasnt so much about fitness for me in the beginning. That was almost 2 yrs ago. I have not only met a lot of great people and developed a lot of new friendships, I’m in the best shape of my life. I am beyond amazed with the changes I have seen in myself and the things that I can do that I never would have thought possible before. I love pushing myself every time I walk into the gym, competing with myself and others, and reaching new goals. I never imagined I would love it the way that I do. Crossfit is a part of my everyday life. I love it! I only wish I would have tried it out sooner!

    Lisa PECF member
  • I started Crossfit looking for a new challenge. I was in a rut with running, and wanted to shake up my work outs. I had never really lifted much weight before, and I was completely freaked out by that part. For one, I had no idea how to perform the lifts. Also, I didn't want to lift too head and get "big". As I made my way through numerous workouts these fears were quickly laid to rest. The personal attention and coaching ensured I was performing the moves correctly. This gave me the confidence to push my body in new ways. I felt strong. I felt powerful. I felt amazing. My focus soon shifted from fear, to excitement. I now look forward to seeing how much weight I can lift, or what new skill I can learn. Plus, a rounder back end is always an added bonus

    Jess PECF member
  • Before I walked into a CrossFit class I thought you had to be in uber good shape. I was coming in not having any of these skills and wondering ‘can I do this?’ I saw other people around me that were encouraging, saying ‘you can do this. You may not be able to do x, y, and z movements now but you will.’ And they kept encouraging and pushing me. I am now physically stronger and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I have the courage to take risks without fear of how I look. And while I still have a ways to go, I won’t give up on myself. That’s perhaps the best kind of strength that CrossFit has given me – that and a peer group that wants me to succeed as much as I do. CrossFit has given me so more than fitness.

    Cassie PECF member
  • Before CF, I was in a pattern of lifting the same movements each week. After crossfit, the WODs are constantly varied, competitive & fun! The best thing is the CF community & the lifelong friends you make!

    Shelly PECF member
  • My perception of cf was people who were in much better shape than me doing amazing things I wanted to do. Since I started cf I have become bigger stronger and able to work at a higher capacity level. But the biggest benefits are the community that you gain when you have others next to you working as hard as you do every day.

    Lindsey PECF member
  • I started CF 2 years ago, after not working out for a year. At my first class there were all these seemingly normal looking women standing around, who suddenly began taking turns climbing a rope as part of their workout. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I thought “I’ll never be able to do that." It was intimidating and inspiring at the same time. The first time I tried to climb the rope I couldn’t even get off the ground, just ask Coach Teresa. Six months of CF later, after trying lots of new and sometimes uncomfortable things and slowly getting stronger, I completed a WOD in which I climbed that same rope multiple times, due in large part to the cheers and encouragement of coach Jordan and fellow CFers with me that day. I felt amazing, so empowered and STRONG! I’ve come a long way and there is a long way yet to go, which is now not so intimidating, but exciting. I know I’ll keep moving forward, surrounded by the encouragement of my CF family.

    Kristin PECF member
  • I was very apprehensive about about joining. I was not overly familiar with CF. The only exposure I had to it was what I saw on ESPN when they featured the Games. While watching the competitions and movements are inspiring, they can also be intimidating and sometimes draw insecurities of not feeling you'd be coordinated enough, physically capable or intelligent enough to grasp the techniques and movements. I decided to try it out when my friend John invited me a grand opening party where members were doing a working out. Seeing it broadened my perspective. Growing up having played sports my whole life, one is always up for new challenges and changes. I am very conditioned working out with other people (i.e. teammates) and CF seemed like a good fit, where I could have that camaraderie. I also was starting to plateau physically with running and I knew CF would be a good way to introduce strength training with trainers who knew how to coach with a set program vs. a place like Planet Fitness where there are tons of machines and one could feel out of place. The machines can be intimidating and if you aren't educated in strength training, it can be overwhelming to try and know where to start or what to do. Crossfit has opened a whole new world for me. I have met some wonderful people. It has taught me lifts and movements that I would have never come to know unless it was for CF. It has expanded my perspective to various means of challenging your body and physically improving yourself. I did a drop-in back in October in Hartford, Connecticut. Thanks to CF having set standards across the board, being able to drop-in and know what the movements were and be able to perform them because I had been coached properly - it made it so easy to integrate myself at a drop-in box. And if it wasn't for CF and the standards it upholds, I would have never had the confidence knowing I could do a drop-in at another box. The sense of community is worldwide. It's nice being welcomed as a visitor to another box and sharing in one commonality - a love for CF. Physically, CF has made me stronger and while there may be movements I still am unable to perform, I enjoy that there are challenging scaling options. I also appreciate the coaches Do Not make you feel less of a person if you scale. I encourage people to give CF a try – especially women who may have the same perception of CF as I did before I tried it. I would put to rest any wrong notions that CF will make them bulky or manly. It is amazing what it can do for the body inside and out. It has changed my life and I would love to see more people get the same reward.

    Rae Anne PECF member