Training for all fitness levels!

At Performance Edge we have a program that is right for you whether you are a beginner or an expert



CrossFit is a fun, high energy group training system that incorporates a constant variety of functional movements aimed at increasing your fitness capacity across the board.  We mix strength training with endurance and gymnastics.  With us you will get the opportunity to do more than you ever thought possible and take your fitness as far as you want to go with it.  You can expect quality coaching, a great supportive community, and most importantly a fun experience that keeps you coming back.


12 Month 135/mo access to all classes and open gym
6 month 145/mo access to all classes and open gym
month to month 155/mo access to all classes and open gym

Personal Training

With one-on-one training, you will receive a plan that is right for you and the support to achieve your fitness goals. If you want results fast, personal training is the best way to get there.

Whether your goal is to gain strength, lose weight, improve strength, or take your athletic performance to the next level, we can help you achieve your goals.

Ninja Fitness *Kids*

Little Ninja Fitness a fun way to develop athletic ability by using CrossFit. By adding CrossFit to normal training and practice athletes will get faster, stronger, and learn to move properly to prevent future injuries. Above all else, it is a fun environment meant to encourage kids to be active. Kids in this program grow their confidence as much as they do their physical condition.

“After 20 years of teaching high school weights and three different strength training certifications I can tell you their is nothing more beneficial than CrossFit as a means of developing the total athlete.”

$40 for 1x per week
$70 for 2 x per week


Performance Edge presents Balance Yoga Studio 

Yoga improves your health, performance and mental acuity.  Our classes are a blend of flexibility, strength, balance and power.  Yoga is the perfect compliment to other forms of training; hence why we offer it at our CrossFit facility.   The benefits of yoga are immense.  It helps in recovery and injury prevention making higher intensity training far more sustainable.

Our wonderful team of certified instructors can work with anyone’s fitness level. Whether you’re an athlete wanting to improve mobility or a busy professional wanting to relieve stress, we have the tools you need to achieve your goals.

$95 for 10 punch card


Performance Edge Bootcamp

Our bootcamp program is a broad and complete fitness program.  We focus our training on cardio, strength, power and endurance, though every fitness aspect is factored in. (balance, agility, mobility, etc.)  The classes are a blend of the most effective fitness techniques used in strength and conditioning.  We use high intensity interval training to shred calories and build the heart and lung capacity as well as your ability to recover from bouts of exercise (recovery is the most important aspect of attaining results).  We incorporate strength training using functional movements that range from gymnastic movements to weightlifting.  You will never get bored with our classes.  The program incorporates various schemes and methods that always give your body something new to adapt to.

Month to month 99/mo
2x per week 75/mo

  • CrossFit
    $135 12 Month
    • Unlimited CrossFit classes, Bootcamp classes, and Open Gym access.  Discounts available for servicemen/teach/student and couples of the same household
  • Ninja Fitness *Kids*
    $40 Per week
    • $70 for 2 x per week
  • Yoga
    $95 10 punch card
  • Bootcamp
    $99 monthly
    • 2x per week 75/mo