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Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week

Over 40 Classes Per Week!  

Learn about what we offer and set your schedule!  We want to see our members at least 3x per week


The core of our program is CrossFit, a universally scalable program focusing on functional movements at relative intensities.  We on board new members with one-on-one sessions to intelligently ease them into the program teaching the basics and giving a feel for how the program works.   

Olympic Weightlifting

Learn the art of olympic lifting in this class.  You will get hands on training to improve your lifting technique.  If you are a weightlifter and want to up your game this a great class and program to do that.  We also encourage our new members, as it is great for mastering the basics.  

Community WOD

Calling all Liberty and KC residents looking for an amazing weekend to fire up their weekend! Our community WOD is fun partner workout free to the local public.  This is our most popular class of the week! Hosted every Saturday morning, this is the perfect way to start your weekend!  It is simple to scale down or up to your level of fitness.  No one leaves without feeling accomplished!  


This is a unique class that uses ropes, slam balls, yoke walks, Stones, KB work and all the fun stuff to add to your already complete fitness program.  This class is about using functional strength and maximizing your condition


Bootcamp is a high energy mix that gives you an amazing strength conditioning workout.  Similar to CrossFit, our bootcamp class is a mix of functional movements at high intensities with an awesome variety of movements.  It is more focussed on overall conditioning with less maximum weights involved.  This is perfect of fitness lovers looking for a fun challenge but do not necessarily want to do CrossFit

Personal Training

Have a specific goal and want a custom program? Personal training is great for reaching personal goals.  whether you want to run a marathon, slim down for a vacation, or you just want to work a particular movement, personal training is a great avenue for reaching your goals quickly with a precise program.

Come see us for a Free Class!

How To Stay Injury Free In CrossFit

While it is true that no sport is injury free; with proper training we can not only reduce the risk of injury, we can make our bodies more resistant to injury. CrossFit should be as safe if not safer than any fitness program. I’m going to highlight the key elements that will make you more resilient and far more likely to be injury free!

Injury Prevention

Injuries put the brakes on our progress. Aside from that, they just plain suck. Preventing injury is first and foremost a mindset. Our motto is ‘Move well, then move fast and heavy’. If you live by this, you are a thousand times more likely to go injury free and you will see more gains. Watch the elite crossfitters. Their rep 101 looks exactly like rep 1. This not an accident, nor is it just natural. This comes from extreme attention to detail and pride in how well they are doing things.

Greater potential is the other big factor in doing things the right way. Kobe Bryant was a remarkable athlete with ridiculous fade away shots (copied from MJ) and drives to the hoop. What you don’t see, is the thousands of hours he’s spent on the fundamentals, the 100s of free throws and layups he did every day, or the drills he did before games. Most elite athletes understand the importance of mastering the basics.

In CrossFit and gymnastics, we use a term called ‘virtuosity’. It means, doing the common uncommonly well. Live by this in the gym and your results will come free of injury.

‘Move well, then move fast and heavy’ 

How Injuries Happen

CrossFit offers a tremendous variety of movements and schemes. We work at high intensities. It is one of the few programs that dares to include upper level gymnastics, powerlifting, and Olympic weightlifting. These modals take time and effort to become proficient at. No one is good at these exercises on day one. Going blasto Hercules style off the bat is disastrous.

CrossFit is offered and scalable to EVERYONE. We encourage people to join us regardless of ability. This it is not just a gnarly program for the elite who already possess these skills. Most people who join us have not been exposed to the technical demands of the exercises. I certainly was not and I’ve been a trainer for many years! Not having experience in these styles does not mean we can not learn and benefit from them but it does mean we need to be careful and patient.  I think it is FUN to gain competency. I enjoy learning and getting better at things. It is rewarding. So, I highly recommend you be patient and just enjoy the process.

Two causes for injury:

  • Improper movement patterns at high intensity can cause harm. These movements are learned over time and cause problems throughout the body. The great thing about this as it relates to crossfit is that these imbalances come to light when doing some of these exercises. Then we gain an awareness that wasn’t there before allowing us a chance for the right training strategy to fix the kinks. Correcting these have far greater benefits than improving your crossfit abilities. Moving better will keep the joints oiled for years to come! Improving movement patterns can cure pains throughout the body including back conditions, headaches, tightness and more. Crossfit is about intensity but understand that intensity is relative to ability and fitness levels. Slow it down and learn this stuff.
  • Limited mobility and range of motion. This goes along with improper movement patterns but is not the same. Lack of flexibility will make it difficult to get in optimal positions. This can lead to injury and deserves attention. Stretching and soft tissue work will help a lot. What helps even more, is practicing the movements and challenging yourself to get in the right positions.

Preventing Injuries Is Simple

Three things to keep the train rolling on its tracks:

  • Listen to your coaches. We aren’t trying to be mean if we correct you during a workout or suggest a lighter load. It is our job to keep you safe and get you the results you deserve. We care about you!
  • Ask questions! Please ask questions if you are unsure of something. That is what we are here for.
  • Stretch. Before you leave, take 5-10 minutes to cool down with static stretches. This means holding a stretch for AT LEAST :30. Upwards of 2 minutes is better. Here are a few of my favorites
    • pigeon. This is awesome for the hips! When the glutes get tight they can cause problems with the lumbar and the sciatic nerve. Keep these muscles happy with this stretch daily.
    • Scorpion. This stretch is fantastic for the shoulders.
  • Warm-up. Warming up can make all the difference in the world of fitness performance. Get to class early enough to warm up with the group if not a little beforehand if possible. Hop on a rower to get the core temperature up and prep the body for higher demand.
  • Practice the movements that give you the most trouble. This may be the most important thing you can do. If you are doing them the right way with core engagement and alignment, injury is unlikely.
  • Scale it back. Don’t be ‘that guy’. You know, the guy or gal that reads the whiteboard like Ron Burgundy reads the teleprompter (“Go F*** yourself San Diego”). Just because Rx says something does not mean that is the right prescription for you. Its cool to scale. Scaling means getting the right stimulus out of the workouts which means greater results!

The ultimate goal here is longevity! I’m not sure about you but I want to be going strong for as long as possible. I plan to be power cleaning in my nineties. Think I’m being hyperbolic. Nope. If I don’t choke on my fruity pebbles or get mauled by a bear (low risk in Liberty MO), I’ll still be at it.

Our aim, is to keep you safe by challenging you to do things the right way, push you to get better, and give you a great fitness experience.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know if this was helpful and if you have any questions put them in the comment section. Happy to help any way I can.

Member Spotlight – Captain John Sedlock, U.S. Navy

If you’ve been a member of PECF for over a few weeks, you probably know who he is.  John Sedlock has been a member since the inception of PECF and a huge part of the community.  He’s the genuine type you want to be around, always supportive and cheering people on.  John is a father, an elite pilot in the Navy, Captain in Navy, CrossFitter, and just a great dude.  John is very accomplished with an awesome story.  Let’s hear what he has to say about service, goals for the future, and advice for people.

What made you decide to join the military?

First and foremost was service.  I had always had an interest.  While in college I figured out flying fighter jets off aircraft carriers was what I wanted.  I never expected to be in the Navy this long.  

What did you do in the Navy?

During my first 10 years of service I was as a Naval Aviator and flew F/A-18s and other jets.  Since 2000 I’ve been a reservist.  While a reservist I have been the Commanding Officer of 6 different reserve units supporting different missions.  I also had a combat command in 2007-2008 in Afghanistan supporting US and coalition special operations.

What is your current rank?

I am a Captain which is the same as a Colonel in the other services.

Where are you deploying?

I was recently recalled to active duty at the Navy Personnel Command in Millington, TN outside of Memphis.  I will be in charge of the Navy’s effort to modernize its performance evaluation system.  The final product will impact the entire Navy.  Nothing glamorous but important work.

How has fitness impacted you life?

Fitness has always been important to me.  It’s a constant learning experience.  I am conscious of what I eat, how much I sleep, how I rest.  It’s never perfect, but I think it’s always improving.  

What are 3 accomplishments that you are proud of?

Being the parent of a great young man who I’m very proud of.   The numerous times in Afghanistan I heard something like, “we wouldn’t have made it back without you and your team”.  Recovering from back surgery.

If you had to identify 1 key element you’ve found that has helped you achieve your goals, what would they be?  

Tenacity.  You just never quit.

What do  you like to do in your spare time?

What’s spare time?  Hike, dive, shoot, hunt, travel

Name one hidden talent you have. 

Nothing I can say publicly.

Name one talent you wish you had. 

Double Unders

What is one piece of advice you have for people? 

Stop complaining.  If you want to change how you look or feel you actually need to make an effort.  There is no free chicken

What would you put on a billboard? 

Learn to listen to other opinions.  You’re probably not 100{d793bd461e48fb811f7c1bdf9a1875cfcb6108b65f23da832b2c752158b79391} right all the time.  

What are your goals for 2018?

First and foremost to stay injury free.  MU, BMU, DU’s, Murph RX.


You Don’t Know Brad

Under that charming smile and energetic personality, there could be something crazy!  Maybe. To find out we sat down to investigate.

From torching the soccer fields with Beckham like skills for 20+ years to crushing WODs like Fran – Coach Brad knows a thing or two about what it takes to live a healthy life.  He has had a passion for helping people his entire adult life and that can be attested by the the students he teaches, the crossfit athletes he trains, the collegiate athletes he coaches, and the many youth he has mentored as a Young Life leader.

Check out what he has to say in our interview….

“Your only competition is yourself, now go become a better you!” Coach Brad

What got you into CrossFit? 

At the time I had been running for over a year and was getting bored with it.  My wife went with some friends to check out this CrossFit thing and she said that I had to try it.  My first day the workout ended up being 100 burpees for time…but I still came back because of the people.  Having a group to share in the suffering helps a ton.

In what way has crossfit impacted your fitness? 

CrossFit has allowed me to keep up with my kids and my college soccer players at William Jewell.  I think I’d still make the squad.

What fitness accomplishment are you most proud of? 

I’m proud that I’ve stuck with CrossFit for over 6 years.

What were some of your current goals?

As I have aged my goals have changed.  Nowadays, I just want to be able to move at the end of the workout and come back tomorrow.  If I can do that, I’m happy.  Oh, I’d also like to be able to do a handstand walk.

What motivates you to keep going?

I want to be able to live longer so I can see my grandkids…if my kids decide to have them.

what is one adversity you’ve had to overcome in your life (doesn’t have to be fitness) and how did you handle it?

My adversity comes from my early days of CrossFit and trying to do TOO MUCH.  I hurt myself  a few times.  At first I would be really bummed out, but then I would just modify the workouts so I could just keep moving.  It’s pretty hard when you hurt your wrist.  Because of these injuries I now have my current goal.

If you had to identify 1 key element you’ve found that has helped you achieve your fitness goals, what would they be?  

Consistency.  Just keep showing up and good things will happen.  A close second is form.

what inspired you to start coaching?

I’ve been coaching since I was in high school.  For my 18th birthday I got my soccer coaching license.  I also have been a Young Life leader (both volunteer and as a job) and am currently a teacher.  Overall, I just like helping others achieve their goals.  Coaching CrossFit has given me another avenue to do this.

If you could put one message on a billboard, what would it be? 

‘Take care of each other’, it’s what Jesus told us to do.

What do you do with your free time? 

Snuggle up to my wife, hang out in the living room with my kiddos, and try to keep my dog from eating my food.

Name 1 hidden talent you have 

I’m an okay guitar player. (So modest.  Jimmy Hendrix would bow to B-rad if he heard him jamming on the guitar)

Name 1 talent you wish you had

I wish I was a handyman so I could fix stuff in my house. I’m pretty sure my wife wishes this too.

What advice would you have for someone thinking about trying crossfit? 

Don’t think about all the other people when you start CrossFit.  Think of CrossFit like swimmers or track athletes think about their sports.  They don’t talk in terms of who they beat, they usually talk in terms of personal records.  Your only competition is yourself, now go become a better you!

Coach Brad

Member Spotlight Shayne Henderson!

We are very proud of our members.  Here is Shayne Henderson, one of our amazing members.  She trains with the early morning crew at 0530!  It has been a joy to see her progress over the past year and half and we look forward to seeing more!  Thank you Shayne for taking the time to talk with us.

What made you decide to try out PECF?

My cousin Brent Saving became a trainer there and was very passionate about it. He trained me and intriduced me to the world of crossfit and encourage me to join even though I was a little intimadiated. 

What were some of your goals?

To be able to do the movements. To make it through class! To be able to lift big weights!

What are 3 accomplishments that you are proud of since joining PECF?

1. I’m most proud of competing in a crossfit competiton. 

2. I can now back squat 165lbs.  That’s a lot more than day one!  

3. I found out I’m capable of a lot more than I thought I was.

If you had to identify 1 key element you’ve found that has helped you achieve your fitness goals, what would they be?  

To remind myself how good I feel afterwards. Because of my work schedule the only time I can go to crossfit is 5:30 in the morning which means I have to wake up at 4:35. Some days that is really hard. But I know that going to crossfit will make me feel so much better for the rest of the day then a couple more hours of sleep.

Name 1 hidden talent you have 

I can flip a tractor tire like nobody’s business!

Name 1 talent you wish you had

To do a burpee gracefully.

What advice would you have for someone new?

Don’t be intimidated. You will never meet nicer people. As soon as they finish a wod they are immediately cheering on the people still working. Don’t be afraid to scale the movements. The point is to get through the wod safely. You want to push yourself but not to the point where you can’t move the next day. 

What are your goals for 2018

To compete in another crossfit competition. To be able to back squat 175lbs. To not finish last in a wod.

PECF Member Spotlight Brian Briggs

Hear from Brian Briggs, one of PECF’s OG’s, on what he has to share about his fitness journey, what motivates him, and the sage advice he has for all of us wanting to achieve more in 2018.


What made you decide to try out PECF?

I had a major health issue that was a big wake-up call for me.

After two long hospital stays and major surgery I started walking 3-8 miles per day and lost approximately 90 pounds.

I needed something more challenging and discovered Crossfit.  My first day of bootcamp quickly showed me how out of shape and weak I was.

I’m in better shape and stronger now, but I have a long way to go.

What were some of your goals?

1.  Challenge myself with HIIT type conditioning

2.  Get stronger

3.  Lose weight

What are 3 accomplishments that you are proud of since joining PECF?

1.  100 Pull-Ups & 100 Push-ups on 12/15/17 (0 on Day 1)

2.  Grace – 3:54 (First Rx attempt)

3.  1600m Run – 8:44

If you had to identify 1 key element you’ve found that has helped you achieve your fitness goals, what would they be?  

There are several key elements…persistence, great coaching, & member support.

Name 1 hidden talent you have 

The ability to make green cotton shorts (they are NOT athletic attire but Brian rocks them well) look fashionable.

Name 1 talent you wish you had

To understand the lyrics in some of the songs that are played during our WODs.

What advice would you have for someone new?

Show Up, Work Hard, Don’t be afraid to scale movements, and have FUN!

What are your goals for 2018

1.  Better cardio conditioning – sub 8:15 mile

2.  Continue to improve upper body strength – string together multiple kipping pull-ups, ring dips, handstand push-ups, etc

3.  Double-unders

4.  Continue to improve lifting technique & strength – 225# Clean, 210# C&J, 145# Snatch, 350# DL, 365# BS, 285# FS, 225# Bench

5.  Compete in Crossfit competition

6.  Lose 40lbs

Save the joints and Burn more calories

Of all the things we do in our program, rowing may come with the most value to your overall fitness.

“Ugh! I hate rowing” Maybe you share this sentiment, but if you knew what it does for your fitness, your feelings may lighten up.

So why is rowing such a common piece of our strength and conditioning program and what are the benefits?

1. It is a full body output movement. This simply means you are using legs, core, and upper body. Rowing uses FAR more of your body’s musculature than other cardio modalities.
2. Rowing burns the calories! Wanting to shed some layers after the holidays? Hop on a rower for some HITT training. It can be a powerful tool for leaning out.
3. It is low impact. Running is also a great exercise for overall fitness, especially the cardio- respiratory system, but it comes with some pounding on the joints, consequently requiring more maintenance to keep the machine healthy.
4. It is for everyone. Immediately. Anyone can hop on a rower and move efficiently with a little coaching.

Enough said. Rowing is an amazing tool for conditioning. Next time you mope over to the rower dreading the pain, just remember it will make you a better person in life.

Fastest Way To Achieve Your Goals

Do you have a coach?

If not, you are likely limiting your success.  Thats because good coaching brings out the best in you by teaching efficiency, identifying faults you cannot see, and building a structure of support and accountability.  Coaching can empower you to conquer levels of performance that perhaps were not possible on your own.  Simply stated, coaching can get you from A to B exponentially faster than you could on your own.  This saves time and frustration. 

People get in the mindset that they are going to tear it up because they read fitness articles and watch ‘how to’ videos on YouTube.  The immediate access to infinite information on an  infinite amount of topics pales in comparison to what you can learn from hands on training.

How it works?

Coaching helps you establish clear goals.  This is an invaluable first step.  Without a goal, what do you think you will achieve?  Coaching keeps you accountable to your endeavors and on track to success.  Just the support alone is a huge boost to motivation. 

How much value does that have?

Think of coaching as an investment in yourself, not an expense.  It will pay dividends in success and accomplishment.  There is nothing that makes us happier than the sense of true achievement. 

If you want to further your progress and increase satisfaction, hire a coach. 

August PECF Blog

August 2017 PECF News Letter

Summer is winding down, the kids are back in school and Fall will be here before we know it! Here is your August News letter


Don’t miss fight night, Saturday August 26th!  Come watch the Mayweather vs. McGregor PPV on a projector at PECF.  Bring $5 and maybe a chair.  We will also have a fire pit outside and games to play.  This will start around 8PM.

Labor Day Monday September 4th hours: The Gym will open at 8AM.  We will do a class at 9AM followed by open gym until 11AM.  Hero WOD TBD.

Bring a friend FREE on Saturday August 19th and August 26th for a fun group WOD!

The CrossFit kids class (little ninjas) has returned with Coach Cassie and Jeff Fogel on Wednesday nights at 7PM.  This is an excellent class for ages 7-13.  It entails a mix of fun activities and technique work.  Kids who participate not only benefit from the exercise itself, but from learning the right way to move, which will prevent injury and gives them a better foundation.

The 3 main elements of CrossFit 

Get ready for some awesome gains at PECF!  Our programming can be broken down into 3 primary categories:

1. Conditioning – This is the heart of fitness and no model does it better than crossfit.  This is both aerobic, anaerobic, and the blend of both to increase work capacity across all timeframes and aspects of fitness.  Great conditioning means having the stamina to handle long endurance tasks and to move quickly no matter the load while maintaining proper movement mechanics.

2. Strength – Essential to overall health, strength is your ability to produce force.  Strength and cardio should go hand in hand.  Benching 300 pounds means little if we do not have any stamina.  Likewise, great aerobic capacity without the ability to move some weight around is also no bueno.

No one wants to be weak!  A wise man once said, “Strong people are harder to kill”.  – Mark Rippetoe

3. Skill – This portion is some added fun that is sorely missing from other programs out there.  Skill work includes stuff like double unders, muscle ups, and Handstand pushups.  It is not exclusive to bodyweight moves.  I will include olympic lifting into this category, as it demands a tremendous amount of skill!  The command you gain over your body by improving the skill portion of the program, the more fluidly you will be able to move through your workouts.

In the CrossFit model, we want to be the best we can be in all categories of fitness!

Up next for your fitness will be some cool tests, including the Burgeron beep test.  We will do a short cycle of strength and then quickly follow up with an emphasis on olympic lifting to apply our new found strength gains.  Lots of PRs headed our way!

Get the right stimulus for each WOD! Check out the scaling options on the WODs.  It is important we are getting the correct stimulus.  Sometimes the met cons are intended to be all out sprints!  Understand ‘time kills intensity‘.  So, the more time we spend on a WOD the less intense we can go.  Think of a 100 meter sprint vs an 800 meter run.  Can you maintain the pace of the 100 for 800 meters?  No, the metabolic systems of the body will not allow this.  The weights we pick for the WOD should be heavy but maintainable for the prescribed reps.  WODs that are longer are not as intense.  The intent of these WODs is to move at a pace you can maintain for the given timeframe.

We will also be programming some extra core work each week.

Always remember this order:

1. Mechanics – 2. Consistency – THEN 3. INTENSITY

If you want to reach near your potential, it is mandatory you follow this order.  Poor mechanics limits what you can do and can cause injury.  Inconsistency will move you 1 foot forward then 1 foot back, canceling out the hard work you’ve put in.  Once the form is down and consistency then it is time to get intense.  Intensity is a prime factor in getting results.  However, it is never to be at the expense of form.

Trainer Tip from coach Kat

Take care of your callouses!  No one likes tearing their hands on the bar.  She recommends filing them down and using “working Hands cream”.  The more you can prevent hand rips, the less time you’ll have to take of the bars.

Say Happy birthday to:

Jennifer Reidy

Ashley Goodloe

Tanner Davis

Dan Ziegler

Randi Pyle

Jennifer Miller

Scott Pyle

Shayne Henderson

Want extra coaching?  Stay tuned for free focus group sessions based on one lift or skill to make us more efficient. These will typically be on the weekends.  We will keep you posted on these sessions.  We also offer one-on-one training.  These sessions are highly effective in advancing your abilities.  Ask for pricing.

Some please do and please don’t reminders

Do know who are sweating next to.  If you see someone you do not know or who is new, introduce yourself.  We should remember how it feels to be the new kid at school, so lets make everyone feel welcome right off the bat!  You all are really good about this.  Keep it up and just remember it is one of our core values at PECF.

Do wait for everyone to finish the WOD before putting stuff away.  Unless you are really in a hurry, we should support everyone throughout the workout.  We are all in this together to push our capabilities.

Don’t forget to clean up after yourself.  Leaving your mess for other members and staff to clean up is not cool!  Set yourself to a high standard and treat the gym as you would want your home to be treated.   This includes: wiping your equipment down, cleaning the chalk off the rig, putting the boxes and rowers up neatly, etc.

We appreciate your help in keeping PECF cleaner and safer!  Thank you

Thank you all very much.

That’s it for now.  Remember to work hard and have fun!  Stay tuned for more PECF updates!

PECF April News Letter

Performance Edge News Letter

The 2017 CrossFit Open has come and gone leaving an imprint on all who participated.  It is the coolest thing in the world seeing people do something for the first time – something they couldn’t do before.  We find new strength when we force ourselves into uncharted territories.  That is what CrossFit is all about, that’s what PECF is about and the Open brings it out of us.  We thank you all for spending your Friday nights with us these past 5 weeks.  With the support of our community, the atmosphere was electric!


Big thanks to our friends Alex from KC North Spine & Joint Center, All about you massage, Supplement Super Store, and Pro Alpha for hanging out with us and serving our members!

Top 5 PECF Ranking













Team standings: 85th in the Region

Whats next with our fitness?

We have a lot of exciting things to work on now that the Open is over.  Our fitness is only going up.  The main focus at Performance Edge is improving in every capacity.  We are looking forward to helping you take your fitness to the next level!

We will begin with a few fitness tests that cover the full realm of CrossFit.  The testing is to gage our current state in each aspect of fitness.  For strength we will do a version of the CrossFit total.  This will include a back squat, strict press, and a clean.  Why not deadlift?  The back squat and the deadlift are the two biggest pure strength movements there are.  Maxing out both in the same session is excessive stress on the body.  Substituting the clean will be a far better test.

Other tests include 50 wall balls for time, 2 minute pushup test, max pull-ups and a 1 mile run or row.

Finally we will do 2 benchmark WODs: Grace and the 2nd will not be announced.

*bonus test: there will also be a Handstand pushup test and muscle up test*

Those will be our primary tools for assessing progress in all capacities.

After the assessment, we will enter into an 8 week program designed to improve each score.   At the end of the 8 week program we will retest and celebrate all of our gains!  Use SugarWOD to track everything.  Get ready for GAINZ!

March PRs!


Remember to right down all of your PRs on the community PR board.

Say Happy Birthday To: 

Caleb Benner

Ryan Huff

Jill Simonie

John Sims

Jennifer Marchand

Carol Schumer

Megan Jansen

Jacob Paige

Jimmy Conner

Meredith Snyder

Trainer Tips

When to Rx and when to Scale? by Clay Henderson. 

We look at the Rx on the whiteboard like Ron Burgundy sees the teleprompter automatically thinking Rx is the only thing to do.  Often this is completely wrong.  The idea that if something is good for us then more of it is better is a logical fallacy.  More volume, more load, more intensity all equal more stress.  Stress is required to make any gains but ‘more’ stress damages the body faster than it can repair itself.  ‘More’ is a relative amount that takes time and dedicated effort to adapt to.

If you like hitting PRs and want to keep those gains rolling then you have to learn how to approach the workouts and that means scaling correctly.

Each WOD is designed to elicit certain physical changes when done correctly.  First it is important to understand on the hierarchy of fitness, cardio ranks higher than strength.  That means cardio should take priority, especially if it is lagging behind.

For example: ‘Fran’ (21-15-9 Thrusters/Pullups at 95/65) is designed as a sprint.  For beginners the cap should be 10 minutes.  For intermediate it is around 6-8.  For the elite the cap is closer to 3.  You will get more out of it by scaling down to meet the intention of the workout.  If the weight is too heavy and slows the WOD down, the intended benefits are gone.  A great way to test what you should be doing is to follow these standards: Pick a weight you can do at least 12 reps unbroken.  Pick a pull-up scale you can do at least 8 reps unbroken.

The reversal for this is when you are an experienced crossfitter (1 year or more) and your cardio is excellent but strength is way behind.  In this case it is advised to go as close to Rx as possible and doing as much as you can within the time domains.

Rx is programmed at an extremely high standard that few of us are able to hit regularly.  The purpose of this is to push everyone of all levels of fitness.  It pushes the elite by giving them tough standards.  It pushes the rest of us to scale up as high as we can.  Rx is a benchmark to chase.  Small progressions over time add up quicker than skipping steps.

The programming is done for you and the coaches are your biggest asset.  If you follow the programming as intended and listen to your coaches you will make massive gains.  Be patient and take pride in doing things right.

Events to look forward to:

May 29th – Mark your calendar for this years’ edition of Murph, the grueling workout honoring the notorious American Hero ‘Murph’ who gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country in the line of duty.

We will run, push, pull, squat and run some more in his honor and every member (past and present) of our armed forces.

We will run two heats, 8:30 and 9:30 AM.  Arrive early to stretch out and warm-up.  The clock will start at 8:30 and then again at 9:30, so be ready!  You must sign-up for your time slot prior to the day. Sign-ups will be located on the 2nd white board.

We would also like to BBQ after the WOD.

Other programs at PECF!

  • Bootcamp is a strength and conditioning program similar to crossfit with more emphasis on the conditioning component.  It is high energy functional training.  The difference is Bootcamp does not focus as much on maximum strength or olympic weightlifting.  This allows for a faster pace class.  It is included in your crossfit membership!
  • Private training.  Do some one-on-one sessions to accelerate your fitness.  One-on-ones will have you hitting PRs in no time by helping you overcome weaknesses and improve any domain of fitness you want to focus on.  Use these sessions to perfect your gymnastics, Oly lifting or anywhere else you want improvement.
    • $50/hour
  • Yoga.  Nothing speeds up recover like yoga.  Yoga is the ultimate contrast to crossfit.  The quicker we recover, the better we feel and the quicker we make gains.  We have 2 amazing instructors to work with!
  • Kids Class.  Our little Ninjas class is designed to improve over all athletic abilities, better movement quality and most importantly instill the importance of exercise in our youth.  It is for all skill levels.  The age group is 8-13.  We will be adding a class for younger kids soon!

We also offer a Free Intro Class for anyone interested in trying crossfit!  Every Saturday at 8AM.

Use these resources to stay up on things and to interact with your community.

  • SugarWOD is an excellent resource for tracking your workouts.  Keeping a record of your workout is a must!  You can also use it to keep each other motivated and read Wade’s posts, which are always entertaining.
  • The Facebook group ‘Performance Edge Members Corner’ is a private group for members only.  If you are not currently in the group, send a request.  This is perfect for quickly communicating important info.

We now carry the best supplement brand in the Industry 

We have a full line of 1st Phorm supplements!  1st Phorm is a leading brand in the industry originating from St. Louis MO.  Before you go buying more Progenix, you need to try it.  It’s amazing.  Products include:


Phormula-1 is a whey isolate used for recovery

Level-1 is a whey/casiene blend used for supplementing protein intake.  It is great at night or between meals

Ignition is a blend of sugar that is used with the phormula-1.

Alpha Cre – non-simulate pre workout

Mega watt is a pre-workout with stimulate

Gym etiquette and housekeeping 

Please be respectful of the gym and everyone you share it with.  Here are some house courtesies we should always follow.

  • If you get it out put it up
  • Wipe down everything you used
  • Leave it in better shape than you found it
  • Please keep chalk in the buckets and do not get it on the turf.
  • If you bring your kids, they are your responsibility.  Tend to their needs and please keep them off the floor.  It is a safety issue.

Open gymers – Open gym is a privilege given to allow members to maximize their fitness with auxiliary work or specific competition training.  If you are participating in open gym workouts during class times, please be respectful of the class.  Study the WOD carefully to see the space and equipment that class requires.  Please position yourselves out of the way and do not disrupt class.  There have been frequent incidents where equipment was left out and chalk was all over the floor.  If these courtesies are not given we will discontinue Open gym during class times.

Thank you for being awesome members!  Looking forward to seeing all the great gains in the month of April.  Stay tuned for more updates at PECF!

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