Performance Edge is about helping all people achieve greater fitness.  It is a safe and encouraging environment for all fitness levels - old, young, experienced, inexperienced alike.  Everyone deserves the best fitness experience possible and it is our goal to provide just that.  

We are a community that supports each other.  We push each other to be better each day.  In here, everyone cares about your goals as much as they do their own.  That is the type of atmosphere that inspires tremendous results.  

Performance Edge  is about 2 things:

  1. World class coaching.  You are investing in the type of coaching that gets you more results than you could ever get by yourself.
  2. Having fun.  When you are having fun, hard work just doesn't seem that hard.  

Imagine looking forward to sweating your butt off and taking on bigger challenges with a smile.  That's what we are about.  


Come check it out for yourself. with a free class

• Performance Edge has the ultimate training program. It is programmed systematically with constant variance and unique schemes and challenges that prevent you from boredom and plateauing.  Each day is a little different.

• The investment you are making is in the training and increased performance.  We are dedicated professionals here to help you become the best version of yourself.  Every time you come in for a class, you are going to get excellent coaching.

• We teach you to do everything as efficiently as possible.  Our program is comprised of functional movements that deliver far better results.

• The variety of our program includes all aspects of fitness.  You will experience changes in your strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, power and overall wellbeing.

• Our atmosphere is fun and energetic. Unlike most facilities where everyone is wearing headphones, ours’ is interactive and motivating.

•We offer more classes than any other CrossFit gym in the metro making it much easier to fit into your busy schedule.  

If you are prepared to give it an honest try and stay consistent for 3 months, you are going to achieve more than you thought possible.

Performance Edge CrossFit Team Members

Clay Henderson - Owner

Brittany Henderson - Owner

Torey Kertz -Trainer

Dr. Drew Wagner - Trainer 

Brent Saving - Trainer

Bubba Dotson - Trainer

Courtney Sweet - Trainer

Chris Kennaley - Trainer

Aaron Eckerberg - Trainer 

Jeff Fogel - Trainer

Baxter Henderson - Dog