July 17

July PECF Blog


Good luck to our dear friends Logan and Taylor

Sadly one of our rockstar trainers Logan -AKA Logainz- and his girlfriend Taylor will be headed to Kentucky for new beginnings as Taylor pursues her doctorate in exercise physiology. Hopefully she knocks this endeavor out fast for a quick return to PECF!  Logan has been with us since the start.  He is an awesome member of the PECF family.  As a coach he has left an indelible impact on numerous people with an infectious passion for fitness and helping people with their personal journeys.  Kentucky is lucky to have them both.  Thank you Logan and Taylor for your time here and the great energy you’ve brought to PECF.  Now get back here ASAP.  Be sure to wish them good luck before they take off!

Two types of people, which one succeeds in crossfit?

Type 1 is the person who enjoys learning.  They are ok with being humbled and accept that it takes time and diligence to improve.  These are the people who will succeed in a program like CrossFit.  CrossFit is an advanced program that requires patience and hard work. Type 1 people enjoy the process and embrace the amount of work it takes to reach their goal.  They are not deterred by their current state, rather they are focused only on improvement.

Type 2 are those who expect to get everything down right off the bat.  They get frustrated when they are not immediately good at something like the snatch.  Type 2 people struggle to understand the vast majority of talented athletes did NOT start out that way.  This attitude does not jive with CrossFit.  Actually, it doesn’t work with anything difficult.

Nothing easy produces anything great!

The good news is we can always change our attitude.  Many of us are a bit of both.  Becoming frustrated is a natural feeling.  Just remember to be patient and have fun with it!

Practice does not make perfect

Ever heard the expression, ‘practice makes perfect’?  Of course we all have.  Well, the truth is it does not!  Perfect is a standard that will never be reached.  Sound negative?  It shouldn’t.  This means we will always have something meaningful to work towards.  We can always improve; no matter how proficient we become.  Why would we set a goal (perfection) that can never be accomplished?  Because it is the pursuit of continual progress and constantly raising the bar that brings us joy.  Becoming competent is fun.

Also, make sure you are practicing with awareness and purpose in mind.  It is one thing to go through the motions regularly.  It is another to practice with attention to detail and a mind open to changing what needs to be changed.


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All ya gotta do is spread the fitness love to your friends.  When you bring in a buddy who signs up, you will get $40 off the next month!  *CrossFit and Bootcamp*.  Be sure your person tells us who referred them to get credit.

This promotion is good through September 1st!  Take advantage

Say Happy birthday to:

Luke Boylan

Selma Taylor

Jimmy Rukcer

Katie Peterson

Rob Bratcher

Shelly Koehler

Marcus Nichols

Carol Martin

Zach Moosa

Your Fitness!

Looking for big changes to your body?  Be ready for some different training schemes geared towards vastly increasing our metabolic conditioning!  Strength is not going anywhere, it just won’t be the first priority.  Overall fitness means being well rounded in all domains of fitness and no other program works better than crossfit for this.

Want extra coaching?  Stay tuned for free focus group sessions based on one lift or skill to make us more efficient. These will typically be on the weekends.  We will keep you posted on these sessions.  We also offer one-on-one training to really accelerate your fitness.  These sessions are highly effective in advancing your abilities!  Ask for pricing.

Please do and please don’t 

Do know who are sweating next to.  If you see someone you do not know or who is new, introduce yourself.  We should remember how it feels to be the new kid at school, so lets make everyone feel welcome right of the bat!  You all are really good about this.  Keep it up and just remember it is one of our core values at PECF.

Do wait for everyone to finish the WOD before putting stuff away.  Unless you are really in a hurry, we should support everyone throughout the workout.  We are all in this together to push our capabilities.

Don’t forget to clean up after yourself.  Leaving your mess for other members and staff to clean up is not cool!  Set yourself to a high standard and treat the gym as you would want your home to be treated.   This includes: wiping your equipment down, cleaning the chalk off the rig, putting the boxes and rowers up neatly, etc.

Lets talk about chalk! 

Do use chalk appropriately.  Contrary to common belief, chalk is not magical fairy dust.  If your palms are sweaty, a towel works much better than chalk (we happen to provide towels!). Use the towel to wipe of the sweat then put on a light layer of chalk.  Chalk helps absorb moisture and oils on your hands increasing the friction on the bar.  Too much chalk on the hands produces too much friction causing rips, which is the very thing we use chalk to avoid.  Bathing in chalk does not help you.  The best way to use chalk is a light application spread evenly on your hands.  Chalk should be in one of two places: 1) your hands and 2) the bucket.  It does not belong anywhere else.  The chalk you leave on the bars and pull-up bars needs to wiped off after each use.

Don’t be this guy!

We appreciate your help in keeping PECF cleaner and safer!  Thank you

To our Summer Classic volunteers!

Thank you for spending your day with us helping out for the Summer Classic!  Thanks to you, we pulled of one heck of a show.  It couldn’t have happened without your help.  Our goal of the competition was to provide a fun experience for the crossfit community and an opportunity for anyone wanting to compete.  It was a long day but it was a fun day!  The judging was outstanding!  The No-Rep of the day goes to David Bunker, who called a no-rep on a guy the size of the mountain from Game of Thrones after he successfully completed the 275 pound snatch!  It was a good lift BUT he stepped out of bounds and that is a…NO REP!  Good job buddy!

Thank you all very much!

That’s it for now.  Remember to work hard and have fun!  Stay tuned for more PECF updates!


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Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week
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