September 16

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week


Over 40 Classes Per Week!  

Learn about what we offer and set your schedule!  We want to see our members at least 3x per week


The core of our program is CrossFit, a universally scalable program focusing on functional movements at relative intensities.  We on board new members with one-on-one sessions to intelligently ease them into the program teaching the basics and giving a feel for how the program works.   

Olympic Weightlifting

Learn the art of olympic lifting in this class.  You will get hands on training to improve your lifting technique.  If you are a weightlifter and want to up your game this a great class and program to do that.  We also encourage our new members, as it is great for mastering the basics.  

Community WOD

Calling all Liberty and KC residents looking for an amazing weekend to fire up their weekend! Our community WOD is fun partner workout free to the local public.  This is our most popular class of the week! Hosted every Saturday morning, this is the perfect way to start your weekend!  It is simple to scale down or up to your level of fitness.  No one leaves without feeling accomplished!  


This is a unique class that uses ropes, slam balls, yoke walks, Stones, KB work and all the fun stuff to add to your already complete fitness program.  This class is about using functional strength and maximizing your condition


Bootcamp is a high energy mix that gives you an amazing strength conditioning workout.  Similar to CrossFit, our bootcamp class is a mix of functional movements at high intensities with an awesome variety of movements.  It is more focussed on overall conditioning with less maximum weights involved.  This is perfect of fitness lovers looking for a fun challenge but do not necessarily want to do CrossFit

Personal Training

Have a specific goal and want a custom program? Personal training is great for reaching personal goals.  whether you want to run a marathon, slim down for a vacation, or you just want to work a particular movement, personal training is a great avenue for reaching your goals quickly with a precise program.

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Member Spotlight Nathan Erskin
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