January 23

Member Spotlight Shayne Henderson!


We are very proud of our members.  Here is Shayne Henderson, one of our amazing members.  She trains with the early morning crew at 0530!  It has been a joy to see her progress over the past year and half and we look forward to seeing more!  Thank you Shayne for taking the time to talk with us.

What made you decide to try out PECF?

My cousin Brent Saving became a trainer there and was very passionate about it. He trained me and intriduced me to the world of crossfit and encourage me to join even though I was a little intimadiated. 

What were some of your goals?

To be able to do the movements. To make it through class! To be able to lift big weights!

What are 3 accomplishments that you are proud of since joining PECF?

1. I’m most proud of competing in a crossfit competiton. 

2. I can now back squat 165lbs.  That’s a lot more than day one!  

3. I found out I’m capable of a lot more than I thought I was.

If you had to identify 1 key element you’ve found that has helped you achieve your fitness goals, what would they be?  

To remind myself how good I feel afterwards. Because of my work schedule the only time I can go to crossfit is 5:30 in the morning which means I have to wake up at 4:35. Some days that is really hard. But I know that going to crossfit will make me feel so much better for the rest of the day then a couple more hours of sleep.

Name 1 hidden talent you have 

I can flip a tractor tire like nobody’s business!

Name 1 talent you wish you had

To do a burpee gracefully.

What advice would you have for someone new?

Don’t be intimidated. You will never meet nicer people. As soon as they finish a wod they are immediately cheering on the people still working. Don’t be afraid to scale the movements. The point is to get through the wod safely. You want to push yourself but not to the point where you can’t move the next day. 

What are your goals for 2018

To compete in another crossfit competition. To be able to back squat 175lbs. To not finish last in a wod.


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