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August 2017 PECF News Letter

Summer is winding down, the kids are back in school and Fall will be here before we know it! Here is your August News letter


Don’t miss fight night, Saturday August 26th!  Come watch the Mayweather vs. McGregor PPV on a projector at PECF.  Bring $5 and maybe a chair.  We will also have a fire pit outside and games to play.  This will start around 8PM.

Labor Day Monday September 4th hours: The Gym will open at 8AM.  We will do a class at 9AM followed by open gym until 11AM.  Hero WOD TBD.

Bring a friend FREE on Saturday August 19th and August 26th for a fun group WOD!

The CrossFit kids class (little ninjas) has returned with Coach Cassie and Jeff Fogel on Wednesday nights at 7PM.  This is an excellent class for ages 7-13.  It entails a mix of fun activities and technique work.  Kids who participate not only benefit from the exercise itself, but from learning the right way to move, which will prevent injury and gives them a better foundation.

The 3 main elements of CrossFit 

Get ready for some awesome gains at PECF!  Our programming can be broken down into 3 primary categories:

1. Conditioning – This is the heart of fitness and no model does it better than crossfit.  This is both aerobic, anaerobic, and the blend of both to increase work capacity across all timeframes and aspects of fitness.  Great conditioning means having the stamina to handle long endurance tasks and to move quickly no matter the load while maintaining proper movement mechanics.

2. Strength – Essential to overall health, strength is your ability to produce force.  Strength and cardio should go hand in hand.  Benching 300 pounds means little if we do not have any stamina.  Likewise, great aerobic capacity without the ability to move some weight around is also no bueno.

No one wants to be weak!  A wise man once said, “Strong people are harder to kill”.  – Mark Rippetoe

3. Skill – This portion is some added fun that is sorely missing from other programs out there.  Skill work includes stuff like double unders, muscle ups, and Handstand pushups.  It is not exclusive to bodyweight moves.  I will include olympic lifting into this category, as it demands a tremendous amount of skill!  The command you gain over your body by improving the skill portion of the program, the more fluidly you will be able to move through your workouts.

In the CrossFit model, we want to be the best we can be in all categories of fitness!

Up next for your fitness will be some cool tests, including the Burgeron beep test.  We will do a short cycle of strength and then quickly follow up with an emphasis on olympic lifting to apply our new found strength gains.  Lots of PRs headed our way!

Get the right stimulus for each WOD! Check out the scaling options on the WODs.  It is important we are getting the correct stimulus.  Sometimes the met cons are intended to be all out sprints!  Understand ‘time kills intensity‘.  So, the more time we spend on a WOD the less intense we can go.  Think of a 100 meter sprint vs an 800 meter run.  Can you maintain the pace of the 100 for 800 meters?  No, the metabolic systems of the body will not allow this.  The weights we pick for the WOD should be heavy but maintainable for the prescribed reps.  WODs that are longer are not as intense.  The intent of these WODs is to move at a pace you can maintain for the given timeframe.

We will also be programming some extra core work each week.

Always remember this order:

1. Mechanics – 2. Consistency – THEN 3. INTENSITY

If you want to reach near your potential, it is mandatory you follow this order.  Poor mechanics limits what you can do and can cause injury.  Inconsistency will move you 1 foot forward then 1 foot back, canceling out the hard work you’ve put in.  Once the form is down and consistency then it is time to get intense.  Intensity is a prime factor in getting results.  However, it is never to be at the expense of form.

Trainer Tip from coach Kat

Take care of your callouses!  No one likes tearing their hands on the bar.  She recommends filing them down and using “working Hands cream”.  The more you can prevent hand rips, the less time you’ll have to take of the bars.

Say Happy birthday to:

Jennifer Reidy

Ashley Goodloe

Tanner Davis

Dan Ziegler

Randi Pyle

Jennifer Miller

Scott Pyle

Shayne Henderson

Want extra coaching?  Stay tuned for free focus group sessions based on one lift or skill to make us more efficient. These will typically be on the weekends.  We will keep you posted on these sessions.  We also offer one-on-one training.  These sessions are highly effective in advancing your abilities.  Ask for pricing.

Some please do and please don’t reminders

Do know who are sweating next to.  If you see someone you do not know or who is new, introduce yourself.  We should remember how it feels to be the new kid at school, so lets make everyone feel welcome right off the bat!  You all are really good about this.  Keep it up and just remember it is one of our core values at PECF.

Do wait for everyone to finish the WOD before putting stuff away.  Unless you are really in a hurry, we should support everyone throughout the workout.  We are all in this together to push our capabilities.

Don’t forget to clean up after yourself.  Leaving your mess for other members and staff to clean up is not cool!  Set yourself to a high standard and treat the gym as you would want your home to be treated.   This includes: wiping your equipment down, cleaning the chalk off the rig, putting the boxes and rowers up neatly, etc.

We appreciate your help in keeping PECF cleaner and safer!  Thank you

Thank you all very much.

That’s it for now.  Remember to work hard and have fun!  Stay tuned for more PECF updates!


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Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week
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