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If you have been doing crossfit for a while, you may have forgotten what your first experience felt like.  For most people, it was intimidating and difficult to get started.  Hear from one of our very own, Mike Young about his experience with crossfit and what his time at PECF has done for him.  It is interesting to learn from other people’s perspective.  When we do, there are usually “Wow, that sounds a lot like me” similarities that hit home.

Mike Young putting up some weights!

By Mike Young –

7PM February 6, 2017.  I am Sweating from my armpits, hands clammy, wondering what I am doing here. Had I just finished fifty burpees? No.  I hadn’t even started yet.  I was trying to convince myself that my first foray into crossfit culture was a good idea.

Apprehension, fear, uncertainty filled my gut that evening when I attended my first CrossFit Foundations class.  What was I getting into?  I didn’t want to look stupid.  My goals were simple and highly important.  I wanted to lose inches around my belly.  I wanted to walk up a flight of stairs at work and not be winded.  I wanted to feel stronger.  I wanted to add years to the end of my life.  So, I was willing to give it a shot.  Tentatively, I dipped a toe into the crossfit waters hoping it would get me what I wanted.

Now almost a year later the question is – was it worth it?  Would I do it again?

Resoundingly yes! (obviously or I wouldn’t be writing this).  What I found was a culture that has been welcoming to everyone.  All tiers are involved and I love it.  At any given class you will find dudes, chicks, bro’s, geriatrics, kids, pets, teenagers, Rx competitors, newbies, converts, and returnees.

Personally, the results have been off the charts.  I won’t bore you with my personal successes but I am really looking forward to 2018 at PECF and a year of new PRs in the various lifts and workouts.

If you know ANYONE who has ever mentioned an interest in crossfit or just bettering their fitness please show them this post and tell them about Clay’s Foundations class which is where it all began for me. 

Thank you to Clay, Britany, Drew, Kat, Brent, Chris, Torey, and Teresa for not letting me quit.  Thank you to Brian, Christ F, John, Carl, Shanna, Jenna, JT, Todd and other crossfitters that hung in there with me in the heat of July and the frigid winter.

One key that has stuck with me is this PECF motto, ‘Move well, then move fast’.  This has been instrumental in keeping me safe and progressing.  

Michael Young

Thanks Mike for sharing your story!  More often than not, the beginning of any big endeavor is preceded with fear and apprehension.  It is only when we finally give it a go, we realize these fears are irrational.  Think of what you would accomplish if you just gave it a try.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain


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Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week
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