07192016 WOD

 In Crossfit, W.O.D.

It’s a full day tomorrow, so pack a lunch
Warm-up WOD
400 meter banded run
30 wallballs

E4MOM x 5
3 Back squats superset with 5 strict pullups
add weight to pullups if needed. Scale to jumping
negatives or banded.
back squat options: 1. try to hit 80% each set
2. Go for 3 rep max or 3. for endurance do 10 reps
at 60-65%

WOD – Dumbbell madness
10 minute AMRAP
12 Alternating or walking lunges with DBs in
front rack position. Rx 35/20 Sc 25/15 Comp 45/25
12 Renegade rows with your DBs *6 each side
12 DB push press with you DBs

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