March 27

03282016 WOD


Great Job to our all of our amazing members who took on the big bad Open!

This week, be prepared for it all. Friday is a monster, so we hope no one is bored with super Fridays.

Starting next week 4/4/16 we will be running several fitness test to establish a reference point for improvement. Areas to be tested include strength, power, technique (skill), aerobic endurance, metabolic conditioning and more. This going to be great for demonstrating massive gains! Having a point to refer to makes training with purpose, simple.
Possible tests…
1-5 rep max of any of the following lifts (there will be 3-4):
Back squat
front squat
overhead squat

strict press
push press


power clean
full clean

clean and jerk

max pushups
max pullups
max situps

1 mile run/row
800 meter run/row
400 meter run/row

There will also be a house bench mark WOD that will test you across the fitness spectrum. we will be retesting every 8 weeks. Fun Stuff!

3/28/2016 WOD

Every 4 Minutes x 6
Heavy Complex
Hang Squat Clean + Push Press + Jerk + HSQ
40 Doubles *scale 80 singles or 40 attempts
10 GHD situps or 20 situps

Partner up
For Time:
100 calorie row
partner 15 box jumps


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Member Spotlight Nathan Erskin

Member Spotlight Nathan Erskin

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week
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