April 4

04052016 WOD


Big PRs today on the clean!!!
Cassie Fogal 135
Kaisha 155
KJ 125
Bri 145
Bobbie 150
Hannah 85
Holly 95
Eva 100

Jimmy 275
John Sedlock 220
Phil 145
Luke 250
Weldy 290
Eric Janson 205
Brad 245

Sorry if I missed anyone.

Athlete may rest as needed between tests but must
complete all of them within the hour.

max unbroken strict pullup
*if athlete does not have pullups – use band

2 minute max double unders

2 minute max situp
*athlete must touch behind their head with both
hands and in front of their feet with both hands

2 minute max pushups
*athlete’s chest/stomach/quads must all contact the
ground at the same time. athlete’s elbows must be
completely locked out at the top.

2 minute max wall balls

WOD – optional. CF total is Wednesday

EMOM 9 minutes
5 snatch 75/55
5 knees to elbow
and 5 box jumps


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Member Spotlight Nathan Erskin

Member Spotlight Nathan Erskin

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week
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