04082016 PECF benchmark – WOD

This week was all about establishing a baseline.  These baseline measurements help determine starting points against which achievable goals can be set.  It is important to understand you are not competing agianst anyone other than yourself.   These tests do not result in pass or fail.  It only results in a starting point.  Testing at regular intervals will help keep you on track and demonstrate your progress towards reaching those goals.  These tests are a great basis for individual goal setting, as they illuminate strengths and weaknesses across the broad spectrum of fitness.   If a particular weakness is exposed then now we have the opportunity to improve.

Tomorrow is the final test of the week.  In true crossfit fashion, this workout will test several aspects of fitness in one workout.  The first part challenges your aerobic capacity with the 1 mile run.  Following the mile run is a 2 minute rest for recovery before going into a couplet of pullups and front squats.  These are two pillars in crossfit.  They are completely opposite movements.  One is a push with the lower body strength exercise, while the other is a pull with the upper body gymnastic exercise.  After completing 3 rounds of 10 you will get another 2 minute rest before finishing up with a 400 meter run.


PE House WOD

For time:
Run 1 mile
rest 2 minutes
3 rounds for time
10 Pullups (scaling option is banded pullups)
10 Front squat 155/105 Rx 115/85 Sc
rest 2 minutes
Run 400 meter