June 12

06132016 Programming Info & WOD


In 10 short weeks on the PECF strength cycle, we saw some amazing gains. There were over 50 PRs written on the PR board after our test week. It is a great feeling to see hard work pay off!!!

Now it is time to apply those strength gains to other areas of performance. Coming off that heavy strength cycle we will now shift focus to power and conditioning. In order to keep making progress we will need to change it up. Staying on the same program for too long will level results because the body adapts to the demands of it’s environment. Eventually we must change those demands and give the body a different stimuli to shape to.

Think of power as the ultimate expression of strength. Where strength is the foundation of power; power is the application of strength. They compliment each other well. The greater your maximum strength the greater potential for power you have and vice versa.

We will continue to work diligently on better quality of movement. Our biggest focus is to move well then move fast/heavy.

In the next 10 weeks you will see many different moves. We will work on improving skills: Muscle-ups, Hand stands and other fun stuff. The muscle-up and progressions will be programmed regularly for good reason. It is a move that tests strength, power, speed, skill, timing and as a full body multifaceted exercise it is great for the body. We will program various types of cleans, which have a profound effect on the body and require repetition to prevent rust. Some of our major strength work will consist of 3 rep and 5 rep maxes. Other notable moves you will get more of include jerks, push press and some snatch work.

Every program should have a purpose. The main purpose for us is to improve overall fitness in ALL areas of fitness, not just one. After the next 10 weeks is up we will get back on a strength cycle where you will see even more gains! Additional movements on that cycle will include the front squat and possibly the jerk.

See you Monday.


5 min EMOM
10 Front squats empty bar

Every Other minute for 10 minutes
5 Power Cleans – begin light, do not exceed
70{d793bd461e48fb811f7c1bdf9a1875cfcb6108b65f23da832b2c752158b79391} * this is training, not game day
Immediately into …

Every Other minute for 10 minutes
10 Dips superset with 5 Box Jumps *box doesn’t necessarily have to be tall, just make sure
you are exploding, landing softly and stepping down. This is a move to increase power output.

Tabata – alternate between Handstand hold
and Doubles *scale to pike hold – scale to plank

5 min EMOM
5 DB push press 35/20, sc 25/15, + 50/35
5 Burpees
5 Situps
*yes all three movements every minute

Always feel free to let us know what you think or ask question with a comment below:)


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Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week
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