July 10

07112016 WOD


Ready for a great week to advance your fitness at PECF? Good! lets get it started.
This week’s “Tackle your Weaknesses”
1. Cardio: run the south side hill Pre or Post WOD every day. Goal is 3 runs
2. Overhead squat: Stay consistent with this one and you will see mobility improvement in the shoulders, hips and ankles. 50 naked bar overhead squats. Maintain active shoulders and tight core!
3. Abs: 30 toes to bar before and after the WOD. Scale to knees to chest.

A. 3 rounds not for time
10 GHD Hip Extensions
10 over target wall balls 11’/10′
10 DB pushups *the DBs create a deficit

B. Strength Every 2:30 x 5
5 Back Squats + 5 Box Jumps *max effort jump. Box doesn’t need to be high, but the explosiveness needs to be there.
Sets should be close 75{d793bd461e48fb811f7c1bdf9a1875cfcb6108b65f23da832b2c752158b79391}

C. Met Con
7 Rounds:
200 meter row
10 sumo DL high pulls 75/55
5 burpee pullups


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Member Spotlight Nathan Erskin

Member Spotlight Nathan Erskin

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week
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