07182016 WOD and Challenges

This week’s challenges: pick one or two to help with your weaker areas and accelerate your gains.  Our focus this month has been cardio, double unders and overhead mobility/stability
1. Tabata double under every session
2. 3 Hill runs every session
3. 50 behind the head presses from the bottom of the squat.  use pvc, advance to trainer bar then regular bar.
Warm-up WOD
4 min EMOM *alternate odd/even
:30 Handstand hold
10 RDL with empty bar

20 minute Clock to find hang power clean
max. When you get up towards 90%
take 2 minutes rest between attempts

3 Rounds:9 minute cap
15 Deadlifts Rx 185/135 Sc 155/95 Comp 225/155
10 Bar over burpees
5 Handstand pushups *scale to pike pushups

Optional Finisher WOD
Tabata double unders