August 11

08122016 WOD


TGIF! Let’s have some fun!
Partner WOD
*Going solo is an option as well.  explained below

squat clean

WOD 1.
5 minute AMRAP while partner runs
800 meters for time for time,


10 Squat jump burpees *burpee into a full depth
squat. finish with both feet in the air, body
in a vertical plane and hands above the head*
5 bar muscle ups – Scale A. 5 chest to bars – Scale B. 5 pull-ups – Scale C. 5 ring rows + 5 pushups

rest 3 minutes then switch
*each partner does ONE round
*the score is the combined time of the 800
meter run and the combined reps of the
5 minute AMRAP

WOD 2.
10 minutes to 1 rep max squat clean – Scale is Power clean

*score is combined weight

WOD 3.
Partition with your partner as you like
50 Pullups – Scale to jumping or banded
50 Front squats 135/95 Scale 115/75
200 Doubles – scale is 400 singles

***To go solo, nothing really changes until the last WOD, at which point you cut the movements in half.
Optional Strength: Bench press supersetting with bent DB rows. 5 sets of 3 BP and 10 Bent rows.  Increase in weight to a heavy 3.  Keep bent rows at a constant weight.



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