08182016 WOD

Our hero today was
Victoria Leigh “Vicki” Soto (November 4, 1985 – December 14, 2012

She was one of the teachers killed while attempting to shield her students in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

These workouts are designed to test your will. A very small sacrifice to honor the bravery of great people like Victoria. Great job today! There was a lot of effort being out in every class.

08182016 WOD�Strength:�E2MOM X 6�
2 Hang Full Cleans + 2 Jerks.
*modify to PC if legs are feeling sore from Monday’s squats
�*Build up slowly to a heavy weight. Post load to SuarWOD�
Met Con:
Clean and Jerks 135/85. Sc 115/65.
Comp 155/95�
Pullups – Coach will give you the correct scale for you. Comp C2B

Bonus Met Con
:40 :20 x 6
alternate situps and doubles