08272016 ENDURANCE

We are shooting a video tomorrow from 9A.M. – NOON.  We would love to see you there and have you in the action.  This shouldn’t effect your workout.


Tabata – alternate spiderman mountain climbs
and jump rope. Dubs/singles

Wod A.
Partner med ball hill run
*ball cannot touch the ground
100 med ball squats. partition however you
100 situps. partition as you wish
Partner 1,000 meter run.

Scaled: 400 meter med ball run. 60 med
ball squats. 60 situps. 400 meter parnter run

Wod B.
4 rounds:
700 meter row
80 meter farmer walk 53/35
4 pushups + 1 burpee x 4

*one partner rows while the other does the
farmer walk and pushups then switches
every 700 meters. Each partner will do
2 rounds each.