September 5

090616 WOD


Beginning of PECF Strength cycle 2.0!  Our movements are

  • Back squats
  • Cleans
  • Deadlifts
  • Jerks
  • Front squats

Back squats are the most foundational strength movement there is.  It is a center piece in every strength program there is.  Learning well and performing at relatively heavy loads does the body good!  Building the glutes and quads while improving range of motion, stability and integrity of the ankles, hips and knees.

Front squats are the most foundational movement to more complex exercises such as the full clean.  It is also a profoundly effective core exercise.  One of the reasons we love it so much is that it demands great positions of your body.  If your front squat is jacked up and gives you a lot of trouble, then we need to work on your body, your range of motion, core control, and various weaknesses.  It is an excellent tool for illuminating faults in our system.  The front squat can do a lot for our posture and symmetry.

Deadlift: if not the back squat then the deadlift is the most foundational strength move there is. Performed well, the deadlift is phenomenal movement for the musculature that supports the spine.  It is outstanding for the entire posterior body: hamstrings, glutes and back.  Our posterior is typically weaker than our anterior (front).  This is an asymmetrical fault that can cause a lot of problems.  Implementing the deadlift will give us the balance we need.

Cleans and Jerks:  These are extremely dynamic.  We include them for many reasons.  They increase our power, our coordination, balance, and strength.  If nothing else, these exercises require a tremendous level of energy output, thus, they burn a ton of calories.

Do not get frustrated with these exercises!  They take time and effort for mastery.  The improvements you see over time make it worth it.  They are highly rewarding!!

Even more useful than benefits of the exercises themselves is the information we get from them.  They all show us areas of weaknesses we can improve on.

Why not other movements???  There are several wonderful moves we could include that would do a lot of good, however, that means more time and energy.  More is simply not necessary.  Plus, we need time and energy for gymnastics and other exercises that are essential to our program.  You will find that your program will not exclude these exercises.  They can be found in our met cons.

Info on your strength cycle

It is 10 weeks long.  The prescriptions will require low  reps and relatively high percentages.  We will use the same percentages for 4 weeks with increases in repetition each week.  The next 4 weeks will be same scheme with higher percentages.  Week 9 will be de-load week.  Week 10 is test week.  The subtle progressions slightly under max load executed consistently to the best of your ability will produce crazy results!

What if you do not have true max or you’re new??  No problem.  Here we are not concerned with max load, rather it is improvement we are looking for.  We will do the same rep schemes, perhaps a few more reps and slowly increase weight.  By the time 10 weeks comes around you’ll be ready find a max!

Some gym etiquitte

  1. Please keep chalk off the floor.  When applying, use a light layer.  More is not better.  Keep your hand is the bucket as you use it.
  2. No chalk allowed on the turf
  3. clean up everything you use
  4. put things away neatly
  5. take you belongings home with you.  Check the cubbies before you leave.
  6. Thank you!!



Back Squats 5×1 @ 90 Jerks 5×1 @90

Met Con

100-75-50-25 Double

5-4-3-2 Rope Climbs

*scale 1. climb 10′ *scale 2. hang from rope and do knee raises

*scale doubles to singles. same reps


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Member Spotlight Nathan Erskin

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week
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