January 26

01272016 WOD




We are working on the muscle up today.  It is a high skill movement that can be frustrating to master but very rewarding when you do.  It does not matter how well you can do them or how far from doing them you are. Everything will be scaled so we are all getting better and making progress.  I love this movement because it requires a mix of strength, power and technique to pull off.  The reason you are seeing this action a lot is because it requires a lot of repetition to master.
Muscle up progressions

Complex every 2 minutes for 5 minutes

2 bar muscle ups – 4 chest to bar – 6 pullups -8 toes to bar

* goal is not to come off the bar until the complex is complete

Scales: muscle ups with jumping muscle ups. 2nd scale use
rings and perform muscle up progressions
Chest to bar pullups to pullups.  Pullups to ring rows.
toes to bar to knees to chest to toes to rig



4 Rounds for time

400 meter row/run

10 DB Thrusters 45/25

20 KBS 53/36

2 Rope Climbs


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