07252016 WOD & INFO

What are your goals?  What do you want to get out of all your hard work?  Setting targets is important in all realms of life, fitness especially.  Goals keep you accountable.  Progress towards your goals keeps you motivated.  Achieving your goals gives great meaning to your sacrifice.  It becomes empowering to the point you never want to settle.  It is the key to sticking with it.  This week, give some thought to what you want to accomplish with your fitness and lets work together to get those results.

This week’s weakness eliminators: We are sticking with the themes from previous weeks which include, shoulder stability *overhead squats*, Running *cardio, and double unders *a particular skill.

  1. 3 minute AMRAP of double unders every day
  2. 1 mile run every day.  For time 1x this week – that means ALL OUT!
  3. If you have been following the previous assignments: 20 overhead squats with the bar with :05 hold at the bottom of each squat every day.  Can be broken into a few sets but your goal is to get all 20 by the end of the week.

Lessons we learned this week:

  1. The heat is serious and hydration is important
  2. 50 meter sprints can be tough on the hamstrings and will require a few more warm-up drills next time..
  3. Jimmy and Jimmie make a great team, but… can be beaten:)

A few PRs this week

  1. Coach Weldy PRd his snatch
  2. Terri Crawford on the power clean!
  3. Coach Chris on the back squat

Among several others!


Teaser for Friday’s partner WODs.  you can pick your buddy early if you like.

WOD 1. 2 minute AMRAP of doubles while partner does max wall balls. rest 1 minute then switch 

WOD 2. Heavy

WOD 3. Fast 

WOD 2 and 3 will be released by Wednesday with Rx and Scale


07252016 WOD

Warm-up WOD
3 rounds:
10 Thrusters
100 meter run
5 pullups

Back Squat Every :90 x6
1 @85,90,95,85,90,95
Strict Press *same

Thrusters Rx 115/75 Sc95/55 Comp135/85
Pullups Scale as needed. Comp C2B
*mission is to go heavier than you would
for Fran while completing in similar or faster