April 3

Test week and 04042016 WOD


We will be doing a series of fitness tests this week to get a baseline measure of your current fitness level. This is great for setting goals, staying on track, measuring progress and getting crazy results. It is also necessary to validate any strength and conditioning program. Our tests this week include:

Monday 1 rep max Clean (power or full)

Tuesday – a series of 2 minute amraps with body weight exercises. 1 example: 2 minute max pushups

Wednesday – Crossfit Total (maxing on Deadlift, Squat and strict press)

Thursday – 1 rep max on the bench

Friday – Performance Edge MetCon test.

*Take the demands of these upcoming tests into consideration for how you scale the WODs and whether it is best to do mobility drills instead.

If you miss a day, you can make up any of the tests the next day or the weekend. Try to have them all recorded by Monday.

We will keep record of these numbers and retest in 8 weeks.

04042016 WOD


Clean (power or Full)
1 rep max – partner up. 2 per bar

WOD 18 min AMRAP
400 Meter run or row
30 KBS 53/35
15 burpees

*cut the workout down if you need more time establishing a 1 rep max on the clean


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