September 9

Crossfit Is Scary!


CrossFit is scary!

I am always trying to overcome the initial fears people have of crossfit.  The intimidation is a huge barrier.  The vast majority of our members were apprehensive before starting because of how intimidating they perceived it to be.  Many considered trying it for a year or more before actually setting foot inside.

Why are so many people intimidated by crossfit??…. Because it is intimidating!!  I was intimidated before I started and I have been a Personal Trainer for 10 years and a fitness lover since high school.  I totally empathize with this sentiment.  Instead of denying that is intimidated, I embrace the fact that it is a little scary.  I have great respect for the people who come through our doors.  It demonstrates they have the courage it takes to be successful.

Why so scary?

Most of it is noise people hear from others who have never done crossfit.  We trust our peers and if they say its bad, then lets go with that.  It saves time and energy rather than trying it out firsthand and formulating personal opinion.

Crossfit is an unconventional form of fitness. There are a lot of barbell exercises unfamiliar to most gym goers.  The weights bang on the floor.  The music gets turned up.  We use terminology exclusive to crossfit like; WOD, met con, AMRAP, etc.  The ‘CrossFit Games’ on ESPN show cyborg looking humans running sub 5 minute miles, lifting 300 lb + over their heads, women who outfit most men at any gym along with various other displays of human potential.  It gives the idea this is what you will find at a CrossFit gym.  Freak specimens only.  In reality, there are people of all walks of life with varying fitness levels.  We have beginners and advanced with a program that accommodates both.

Woman are particularly prone to apprehension.  There is still an unfortunate cultural thought that weightlifting is not for women.  Girls should be girls and stay on the elliptical and let the men hit the weights.  Almost every other gym I have worked at or belonged to had an obvious divide of girls on the cardio and playing with the stability balls and men in the weight room.  A lot of women feel uncomfortable and feel like they are getting judged and starred at.  It’s not like that at CrossFit.


I have seen the most profound changes in our female clients.  More than physical changes.  Confidence goes through the roof when women start seeing changes and realizing what they are truly capable of.  It is refreshing to shift the focus from what they weigh and their measurements to what they can do.  What people find is when their performance goes up, their bodies change!  Crossfit introduces an array of new movements including weightlifting and gymnastics.  Most people have not been exposed to these exercises and if they have it wasn’t with the level of training we provide.  The crossfit culture is one that does not judge people based on their current fitness level.  We are an encouraging community that understands the progression of things and takes great pride in personal improvement for ourselves and those around us.

Be brave and try something that is a little scary!


  1. CrossFit is intimidating.  Fact: it certainly can be.  However, like most fears, it is just an illusion.  Ask any of our members.  Most will admit to being reluctant and intimidated to start but found the community to be surprisingly gracious and accepting.
  2. CrossFit is dangerous.  Myth: sitting on your ass is dangerous!  The sedentary lifestyle is the number one cause of heart disease and many other killer ailments.  On the contrary, crossfit -above all- teaches proper movement and symmetry.  We focus on the quality of form, your mobility and core strength.  Listen to your coaches and take pride in doing things correctly then our program is not only safe, it is a life saver!
  3. Crossfit is too expensive. Myth: it is expensive but it is worth every penny.  You get what you pay for.  We are selling our training services and hard earned expertise.  It’s not just space for you to workout in.  Coaching and programming is what you pay for here and you actually get it at a low price.  Classes average out to be $10 if you are using the facility regularly.  Compare that to personal training, which can run $50 – $70 per session.
  4. Crossfit is for everyone!  Myth: NOPE.  It is NOT for everyone.  BUT it can be for anyone who wants to try it!  The program is totally adjustable to meet you where you are and make you better.  However, not everyone is going to like it.  You have to find what you enjoy but you will never know if you do not try!  It is definitely worth the try!

I chose to open a crossfit gym for several reasons.  First and foremost, I have found the model to have the greatest potential for life changing impact on people.  I want to spread my love for fitness to as many people as I can and crossfit is the best weapon I’ve found to do that.  It brings people together.  It teaches self belief, hard work, comradery, and of course how to take care of your body.  There’s nothing to be scared of.


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Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week

Over 40 Classes Offered Per Week
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